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Dog Safety In The Home

sleddingIt's best to be prepared for an accident or emergency before it happens. Have you every considered:  Who would take care of your dog if you were hurt and unable to do so? What would your family do if your dog was hurt? What will happen to your dog should you have a fatal accident? A little work in advance will provide your dog with the proper care no matter what happens.

Basic Dog First Aid Kit

Muzzle Scissors Guaze Pads
Cotton Batting Adhesive Tape Bottled Water
Tweezers Soap Ice Pack

Learn how to apply a muzzle before a crisis - hurt dogs (even your own dog) may bite if you try to administer first aid.

Deadly Plants

These common plants are poisonous. Your dog will need to see a vet immediately if any of these are eaten:

Autumn Crocus Azaleas Bleeding Heart
Buttercups Castor Bean Daffodil
Dutchman's Breeches Elderberry Foxglove
Golden Chain Hyacinth Iris
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Larkspur Lily of the Valley
Mistletoe Narcissus Oleander
Poinsettia Rhubarb Yew

Poisonous Productspup in arms

There are many household products that are dangerous to dogs. If your dog ingests harmful chemicals, contact a poison control center or vet immediately! Make sure you dog doesn't eat food laying on the ground or out of trash cans. It could be poisoned or infected with bacteria.

Note to Parents:

DO NOT leave young children alone with dogs. Dogs do not understand the squeals of children and could get frightened. Also, smaller, more fragile breeds may be unintentionally hurt by overeager toddlers who think the dogs are toys.

Emergency Information

Make sure all vital information regarding your dog is easily accessible. Take a few moments to fill out a card and put it on your refrigerator, in your wallet and/or other prominent spots. This card should include the pet's name, sex, date of birth, license number, veterinarian, vet's phone number, allergies, diet, special instructions. You may also want your attorney to draft a written statement which gives immediate custody of your dog to a designated individual and put that person's name/number on your emergency information list. Make sure an emergency contact person has keys to your house!


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