Purebred Rescue

Choose the Right Purebred Breed for You

There are many breeds available and if you are new to dogs, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has a very helpful tool on its website that asks some questions about your lifestyle and shows you breeds that match your answers:

If you find more than one breed that might suit you, there is even a comparison tool:

The AKC has a listing of rescue organizations as well:

Breed specific rescues are mostly run by volunteers who love their chosen breed. Most are very knowledgeable breeders who are passionate about what they do. They are experts on lifestyle needs, training, and all things about their breed of dog. They often participate in fostering several dogs each year and develop a very strong sense of the individual needs of each dog in their care, as well as, the ideal home where they will thrive.

Often funded through adoption fees from breed clubs and individual donations, these people take in dogs that are surrendered or need to be re-homed due to divorce, death of owner, change in an owner’s financial situation, disaster, etc. These fees cover the cost of veterinary care during their foster period which can vary from $100-$300 according to the AKC.

Reputable rescuers offer dogs that are fully vetted, already spayed or neutered, and evaluated for behavior problems. They fully disclose any known or anticipated behavior challenges, and screen prospective adopters. Remember a good breed specific rescuer is an expert in that breed, and will make sure you are prepared to manage the idiosyncrasies of your chosen breed as well.

Be cautious of proposals to obtain a purebred rescue dog or purebred rescue puppy without safeguards. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Rescuing a purebred dog/puppy from an ‘accidental litter’ or a ‘parking lot’ should trigger your ‘buyer beware’ alarm.

Be prepared to pay an adoption fee for your rescued dog. Good rescue groups make a significant commitment of resources to rehabilitate and place their wards. They are largely dependent on donations, and your adoption fees will help defray some of their operations.